Sunday, February 10, 2008

Source(s) of Corruption

An Italian poet and philosopher of great eminence- Dante whose philosophy was a work of great moral edification did not find in his spiritual testament divinity in animals and other animate life except the human beings. Unlike Aristotle he described man as a “divine animal” where as for the Greek philosopher Aristotle , man was a “social animal.” Vedic rsis and munnies had already found through their transcendental research that man was both a social and divine animal. While his divinity in the form of manifested soul ( Jivatma ) is the cause of individualism, the Jiva in the form of spirit of God, which is also the life principle in the gross body makes the human being as social animal and part of Vasudhaive Kutumbakam - the one global family of the Vedas.

Since spirit is common in all animate and inanimate life/things, we do not find the corrupt practices in the animals, birds, and other animate life except in the human beings, this obviously gives a metaphysical thought and idea that spirit is not the cause of corruption in the human beings. Again, soul being divine also cannot be the cause of corruption as it contains the a-priori knowledge of Vedic metaphysics and permanent principles in the form of commandments and laws of God. Thus the source of corruption in the human body is the outer non divine instruments i.e., five senses, five senses organs and etani - the out ward looking mind. The nine kinds of hydra headed corruption enter through these eleven outer gross instruments of the body. It becomes vehement and extremely uncontrollable with the predominance of tamasic guna of impurity and passivity. Thus, Vedic knowledge can greatly help in the disappearance of this evil in the human beings

If one does not follow the social and moral philosophy contained in the Vedas and other major scriptures of the world and prefers to resort to all kinds of corruption, it highly downgrades such persons by dimming the power of the mind and inner light of the soul. This necessitates bright and dazzling light during day and night, fancy and glamourous clothes, need for a large number of human beings as servants, security guards, sycophants to enhance the false ego and status of their uncontrolled human senses. However, some kind of vacuum remains being cut off from the inner divine world.

The search for true knowledge against material and intellectual knowledge continues, forcing many of them to go to gurus, god men, swamis, tantriks and others. This leads to vicious circle. These spiritual leaders utilise spiritual knowledge as a function of money and matter based on strictly principles of Keynes economics and give religious, spiritual, social and ethical knowledge more to suit the need of their wealthy followers in exchange of unaccounted hefty donations.

In spite of wide spread corruption in the country, they hardly guide human beings to follow the Vedic path of moderation, need based living, consider Prakrti as their supreme Mother and Vedic Idd Nan Mmam - nothing for self all for society. Some of the gurus and babas freely resort to magic, class distinction by creating air conditioned rest houses for the rich and those who give hefty donations and very low class accommodation for the poorer and honest section of their followers. Owing to their ignorance many other Vedic metaphysical concepts like Maya- the cosmic illusion or phantasmagoria, divine four Varnas based on merit, ability, aptitude and capacity and not on birth, the social institutions of Sabha and Vidhata, Rta, Dharma, Satya etc., are never explained to their followers.

After each spiritual assembly/ session, they mention in a very guarded language to the followers and other visitors the need for liberal donations in a secret manner as gupta daan so that official receipts could be avoided. Most of them propagate vegetarian food and even avoid the food which comes from the roots like onions, garlic, ginger and a few of them even carrot, radish etc., for attainment of spiritual knowledge. It is further stretched to colour of clothes like only white for one cult, saffron for an other and many other varieties.

Thus it is apparent that corruption does not come out of the blue. It is a product of the loopholes created by human beings in their systems and procedures coupled with greed, dreaded materialism, false ego and pride of the senses and sense organs. The distorted spiritual knowledge, mythology, concocted stories of gods and goddesses, religious fairy tales and ostentatious worship of gods and even some of the present day gurus further help in spreading it like wild fire. The resultant effect is that many public service departments have become self-serving departments. The concept of spiritual brotherhood mentioned in Vedas has virtually disappeared amongst the corrupt persons. Most of them even refuse to know that some individuals and children facing acute starvation and below poverty line in south India were found searching for food in the rat holes in the open fields. Also those searching for food in the garbage dumps behind hotels and other eating-places along with birds, animals and insects, has become a common sight in India.

Now there is no easy way to expel this incubus of corruption from the society through government laws, intellectual and material education that is producing intellectual and industrial giants but moral infants, and other fire fighting material solutions. The solution perhaps lies in getting increasingly spiritual doctors who are truthful, transparent and qualified to treat the diseases of the state and society. Such doctors should have the courage to refuse donations of black money, temptation of creating assets worth billions of rupees in India and abroad, and free from the hidden desire of large-scale publicity and other material weaknesses.

Corruption moves from individuals to society and takes the form of cancerous disease in the pathology of the state. It is futile that government laws and their strict enforcement through the corrupt machinery of government enforcement agencies and the vicious influence of defacto government of industrialists,mafia, and those running non divine and non transparent professions can eradicate this evil. In fact, most of them gain in the perpetuation of this evil. To gain time and appease the occasionally highly upset Indian voters and those fence sitters for or against corruption, the governments of the states and centre appointed a large number of committees and commissions to enquire the causes for the spread of this evil and its effect in the social and political institutions.

In addition, these committees were directed to recommend solutions to eradicate this evil. This aimless and time consuming uneconomical exercise is going on for the last five decades since independence and almost all the reports are gathering dust and are becoming even cause of spread of tuberculosis to those employees who periodically remove dust over the reports and inhale the air thus corrupted around this dust.
Hydra Headed Corruption

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Remember This...

When he left the Toltecs and sailed away to the East, Kate-Zahl promised to return to them after several cycles of their calendar. He made a prophecy about the destiny of the sacred city Tula (now identified with Teotihuacan in Mexico) through two millennia. The Toltecs would be conquered first by the Sacrificers of Men (the Aztecs), then by white-skinned, bearded men of the East carrying fatal “thunder-rods” --- the Spaniards and their guns:

"Further off there is another invasion. In ships many bearded men are coming from across the Sunrise Ocean... I see these men taking the Broad Land... They do not respect our trees of cedar. They are but hungry, unenlightened children...

"Would that I could speak to these bearded farmers. I have tried. They do not hear me. They go on their way like spoiled children...

"Stand with me in the Year of Te-Tac-patl. Look across the Sunrise Ocean. Three ships come like great birds flying. They land. Out come men in metal garments, carrying rods which speak with thunder and kill at a distance. These men are bearded and pale of feature.

"They come ashore and I see them kneeling. Above them I see a Great Cross standing. That is well. If these men are true to the symbol they carry, you need have no fear of them, for no one who is true to that symbol will ever carry it into battle.

"Therefore hold aloft your Great Cross (T), and go forth to meet them. They cannot fail to know that symbol, and would not fire their rods upon it, nor upon those who stand in its shadow. Well they know that what is done to my people is done also to me.

"When the years have come to their full binding, the metal-tipped boots of the strangers will be heard in all the bloody temples. Then throughout the Broad Land has begun the Third Cycle. As yet, I cannot see beyond it.

"Once I had great hope for these people, for I saw them kneel and kiss the sweet earth, and I saw the shadow of the Great Cross which they carried with them. Now I must warn you against them.

"Carry your great books into the jungles. Place your histories deeply in caverns where none of these men can find them. Nor do you bring them back to the sunlight until the War-Cycle is over. For these bearded strangers are the children of War. They speak my precepts, but their ears do not listen. They have but one love and that is for weapons. Ever more horrible are these weapons, until they reach for the one which is ultimate. Should they use that, there will be no forgiveness in that vale where there is no turning. Using such a weapon to make man over, is reaching into the heavens for the Godhead. These things are not for man’s decision, nor should man presume to think for all things, and thus mock the Almighty. Woe to those who do not listen! There are lamps beyond that which you are burning; roads beyond this which you are treading; worlds beyond the one you are seeing. Be humble before the might of the Great Hand which guides the stars within their places. There are many lodges within my Father’s Kingdom for it is more vast than time, and more eternal.

"Keep hidden your books, my children, all during the Cycle of Warring Strangers. The day will come when they will be precious.

"For five full Cycles of the Dawn Star, the rule of the Warring Strangers will go on to greater and greater destruction. Hearken well to all I have taught you. Do not return to the Sacrificers. Their path leads to the last Destruction. Know that the end will come in five full cycles, for five, the difference between the Earth’s number and that of the Gleaming Dawn Star, is the number of these children of War. As a sign to you that the end is nearing, my Father’s Temple will be uncovered. Remember this in the days which are coming." American Prophecy

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Natural Cycles

We are on the earth, and the earth is spinning on its axis - one complete revolution in a 24 hour period. The planet is shooting around the sun, the sun is shooting through space and down here things don't seem to be moving that fast. Down here the sun is the center of our world-view.

If you stop to consider all this spinning around and shooting through space, it really is fascinating that we do not get dizzy and we all function and live a protected life. Microscopic particles are shooting around unseen at incredible velocities, and none of that intrudes in our world either. The marvelous engineering seems to be accomplished by layers and levels of reality all co-existing together at their own frequencies and in their own time zones.

One example of us all sharing a similar time-zone experience are the plants you see around you. Imagine if the plants and trees would grow so fast that a giant tree would shoot up within a matter of hours rather than years. That is one example of a time-zone experience. The time it takes us all to grow and develop on a material level allows space to exist. If plants and trees grew rapidly completing their growth-cycle within a few hours, our world could not function... the towns and cities would be overgrown in hourly cycles. So, that is what I mean by space.

I may be wrong, but I imagine that the sun is part of the various timing of the growth cycles. The sun sends complex packets of information to the planets operating systems (and to us). We are an Open Source system (not closed). The system is responsive and self-regenerating. We are all an intrinsic part of one system, and the source is the sun.

As the system is self responsive, we are free to stay as we are or to waken up. In that respect the Oneness could command us to follow its universal code, but then we would be slaves to the Oneness. Followers. If you observe nature carefully, all creatures can decide for themselves within a given framework of frequency adaptation and renewal. If two little birds begin to fight, other birds come flying in and intervene... and these are all decisions they make within the frequencies they are given. It is the same for mankind.

If we destroy a world we lose by default. If we pay attention and cooperate with the frequencies we are given then we learn to create rather than destroy. If we create, then do our paintings appear on the cavern walls of the spirit world? If we destroy, do our paintings disappear from the cavern walls of the spirit world? Thought forms that have no life and no spirit form haunt the physical world like shadows cast from our minds long ago. Maybe people became attached to those self-created nightmares and that is why they live in them today? The ugly form you are attached to is better than nothing to an immature mind that likes power over other living things.

Long ago they created ugliness, because they did not have the patience to find out how to create beautiful things. Ugliness can be created in less than a fraction of a second, but it may take a lifetime to create real beauty. Or many lifetimes.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Knowing How To Wait

Neither Hitler, Napoleon, nor the Romans conquered Russia, and the Western Empire is not going to conquer Russia either. The Roman Empire was eventually split into the Eastern Empire and the Western Empire. The new capital was Constantinople because the East was richer than the West. This might sound familiar to some people.

Russia, the 'Stans' and the Middle East hold vast reserves of Gas and Oil. Those vast reserves translate into riches. The old-world-order struggle to control wealth through military violence. If you look back through history this approach has not translated into a lasting solution.

Here we are in 2007, heading into 2012, 2013, 2014... and control through force has still not figured out that the invasion of military might provides no solution, and that historically the Western powers will not control Russia. This has nothing to do with 'Communism', which did not exist at the time of Napoleon and the time of the Roman Empire.

"The future belongs to him who knows how to wait."

It seems that the Western mind is unable to underststand the Russian, the Chinese and the Eastern mind. This lack of understanding will lead to their downfall. The West will not conquer China, they will not conquer Russia and they will not conquer the Middle East. Perhaps much later down the road people will appear who realise this fact?

The only difference between the decline of the Roman Empire and the struggles of today's world, is that the dying and defeated entity of the old Empire can contaminate the entire world with atomic radiation before it dies (loses virility). Obviously, an irradiated world is also a defeat for the forces seeking to control resources. Which raises the question: Are there people in control of atomic weapons who would destroy the entire world rather than admit that they are in decline?

In that respect I sense the Russian proverb above, little understood by the West, will conquer the world through knowing when to wait and knowing when to act. But the defeat will not be a military defeat, it will be a spiritual and evolutionary defeat. After which the people of the Western world will rely on the Eastern mind to retain their sanity.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Peloponnesian War

Was the Peloponnesian war Athens' Vietnam? The disastrous twenty-seven year war fought between the rival Greek city-states of Athens and Sparta from 431-404 B.C.E. was part of a growing economic rivalry as well as arising from political differences. Sparta was a military dictatorship and Athens a democracy.

Although Athens achieved some military successes in the war, particularly through its navy which was far superior to that of Sparta, the war turned out badly and ended with Athens' surrender in 404 BC.

"The war between Athens and the Athenian empire versus Sparta, Thebes, Corinth, and other members of the Peloponnesian Confederacy. Large scale campaigns and heavy fighting took place from Sicily to the coast of Asia Minor and from the Hellespont and Thrace to Rhodes. It was the first war in history to be recorded by an eyewitness historian of the highest caliber. It has come down through history as the archetypal war between a commercial democracy and an agricultural aristocracy and a war between a maritime superpower and a continental military machine." The Peloponnesian War

For Athens war was equal to a never ending crisis, and once they lost the war the Athenians were left starving. The question is why would humans destroy themselves, their society and their cultures like this over and over again? War, destruction, death, war, destruction, death. Apparently humans do not learn from this... they keep going and making the same mistakes again and again. Especially as in wars there are no winners.

Is it: The Controller Agenda?

Some group attempted to overpower humanity.

The field of attack was psychological and perceptual.
Human thinking was superior to theirs.
Something about their pleasure and beauty is off.
They succeed, but only through deception because...
...There is such a thing as "divinity."
...It is implied that we have it.
...They lack it.

Open Seti

Friday, January 26, 2007

Feminine Solution To War = Stop Now

No matter where one looks, the media is full of war, sectarian division, conflict and destruction. The male dominated political system and the male dominated media list a whole array of wars. They have the 'war on drugs', they have the 'war on terror', there are the UN wars, the NATO wars, the Shia and Sunni wars. There are the Palestine wars and the Israeli wars. The police forces in America are buying military equiptment and the people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Gaza are spending how much money on military weapons?

From a female perspective there is only one winner: the people who manufacture weapons. The weapons and war industry are the winners all the way to the bank. Also from a female perspective the answer is both simple and obvious. Destroy all weapons. From Israel to Palestine, from America to Iran, from Russia to Europe, from India to China. Throughout the whole world end weapons production and destroy what you have. Turn guns into ploughs, and turn soldiers into farmers. Stop killing people and start growing food.

Take the soldiers and start cleaning up the environment. Begin to advance all forms of direct humanitarian aid. Go into countries and help them to build local irrigation projects and help them to grow food. Build simple housing and create basic health care. Work together and create a new world. Take our resources and build a new world. In order to do this all countries and governments end the manufacture of weapons. Don't have a war on drugs - fight the manufacture of weapons on every continent. Stop building land mines. Stop building submarines. Stop building tanks and missiles.

It wont kill you to stop, but it will kill you to continue with these weapons and the inherant insanity and complete inhumanity. The weapons will destroy you. Take the toys from the boys and stop manufacturing weapons that kill.

Friday, January 19, 2007

State of Collapse

The false Orionians, Sirians, Pleiadeans - which are all created by the Nephilim - cannot work through the full-Light Metatronic Spiral. This means that their evolution, both physically and more importantly spiritually, is trapped, contained in the bottle of the Oritron. They are a product of the Luciferian Fall, having displaced themselves in the Universal Continuum. Thus, they must have those who contain Earth genetics and thus Earth chromosomes, to carry out certain functions that interfere with the Metatron (therefore the tamperings that go on).

...According to Thoth / Tehuti there are two basic types of Light, the Oritronic* or half-Light spectrum, and the Metatronic* or full-Light spectrum. These two different spirals of Light are synonymous with the fallen universe’ and the pure universe’ respectively. The world we know is actually in a space where the two overlap, with the planetary consciousness strongly oriented towards the Oritronic spectrum. We are as a planetary consciousness however, evolving towards what is commonly being called a planetary ascension, into the Metatronic Light. William Buehler - KOALA

Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Economic Problems of War

The high cost of financing the Roman war against the Celtic Germanic tribes was a major burden to the Roman Empire. Through the might of military force the Romans were able to conquer the Germanic tribes, but they were not able to continue to hold together such a vast and diverse Empire under the control of Rome. Rather than admit defeat the leaders of Rome obtained funding for their wars by minting more currency without an increase in the supply of precious metals.

The Roman state, bankrupt by the third century, became increasingly incapable of paying its officials and its armies without further decline to the money supply. In an attempt to find answers to the continued decline, the Roman Empire began drawing in recruits with the promise of free citizenship. The Empire could not maintain its superior force and resorted to the creation of mercinary armies drawn from populations who would do the job for them.

Obviously, the mercinaries take care of themselves and their own. They are filling a large and vulnerable gap in the system, and they consolodate their advantage by increasing their own status and wealth. Whichever way one turns Rome is losing control of its interests.

There is a human perspective that is often missed by historians and military analysts who view the might of the army as being vitality and strength. You know how it is... Zeus, Thor, Posidon, the immortal gods of war. Few researchers consider the high demand placed on the populations to eternally provide young soldiers to feed the growing monster of war, colonisation, victory and expansion.

No matter what the average age of the invading army is during an invasion, the army is aging and the aging process is happening a lot faster than the numbers killed in combat. As each year passes the Empire is losing its military vitality to the god of exhaustion and the passing of time: Cronos, which is also related to fatigue. In theory the Empire's need for a continued supply of young, strong, committed soldiers is equal to the size of the battlefield. Therefore the Empire itself is the monster consuming the vital energy of the society, the country, the state.

When studying the decline of the Roman Empire, you have to also take the drain of the resources of the population into consideration. The Empire has to produce soldiers at a much faster rate than the decline caused by Zeus (war) and Chronos (time). This is why the Romans brought the mercenary armies into the game, and the mercenaries are groups focused on increasing their own personal wealth. There again you have a decrease in the power of the Empire as it begins to depend on outside help to achieve its aims.

Who knows? Maybe an Empire was not such a good idea? They certainly could not sustain the military supply to meet the demands. It all became too expensive in terms of money, in terms of population. They trained the militias and the militias turned on them. They brought in the mercinaries and the mercinaries allied themselves with the highest bidder. As the resources of the Empire dwindled, other interests had the capital to buy the firepower of the mercinaries. In the end it was all a big mess. Militias and mercinaries will take money from five, ten, fifteen different groups and tell no one what they are doing. So, the power of Rome - its buying power - fell into decline. That is what war is. The power to buy and sell.